The design of No. 5 consists of an assembly of diamonds with a mathematical precision to create the harmonious composition like in the design of No. 2. In the base the design exists of two colours, red and yellow, which complement one another and fuse to create an unique pattern. This Winter Warmth theme is exposed beautifully and functions incredibly well, allowing you to perform the highest standards of Cardistry flourishes, fans and magic tricks.

Dutch Design
100% Custom Playing Cards for Collectors, Magicians and Cardists


While making the fronts we respected the traditional court cards and pips, yet also harmonized the theme and pattern,
together with the custom tuck box.
The index is left standard to easily differentiate the cards when the deck is
used for magic or ordinary card games.

USPCC will print the cards on Tally-Ho grade stock with the renowned
Air-Cushion finish. To make this even better we chose to go with a crushed stock and traditional cut. Overall it will be similar to everthing you loved about No.2.



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