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This premium, hand-crafted custom-designed wooden (veneer) box with a black matte finish will stand out on your game table for sure! On the lid, the Paisley logo has been printed with a hot UV foil technique. Under the lid, two editions of Paisley Playing Cards Poker Editon Blue and Red and the Dealer Coin are placed with care on a soft warm yellow suede-lined inlay. 


The drawer is a removable black suede-lined bank tray that can hold 200 chips (included). The tray is designed to be placed on your game table with ease. For extra strength, the lid and tray are equipped with magnets to keep everything in place.


The Paisley ceramic counter chips are made to the highest standard and weigh approximately 10 grams each! 
Ceramic (poker) chips are the highest quality chips you can get. The design is printed directly onto the chip (not a cheap sticker) and the chips are made without the use of a metal insert to alter the weight like lower quality chips.


This deal Includes:

  • Sets of 200 chips are separately placed to allow an easy removal of the chips.

40 x value 1

10 x value 3
20 x value 10
10 x value 20
30 x value 50
40 x value 100

10 x value 500

20 x value 1000

20 x value 2000


  • 2 Blue Paisley Poker Playing cards
  • 2 Red Paisley Poker Playing cards
  • 1 Paisley Dealer Coin 2”, Antique gold Soft enamel color

Exclusive Limited TableTop Paisley Poker Set

    US delivery time 7 business days, with tracking


    International delivery time 14-17 business days, less than 12 decks is without tracking

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