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  • It all started with Diamon Cards. We wanted
    to create a deck of custom playing cards specially made for Cardistry. No matter how you move the cards, the vivid colors will
    make any fan, flourish and shuffle outstanding!

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  •  A deck of cards that combines the love for playing cards and care for the environment into one harmonious package. The traditional-looking layout of the back design is reminiscent of nature and its dark and olive green colors. 

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  • A design that tributes the Dutch folklore of the Delft Blue pottery, the hue Orange Dutch color and the famous Dutch Tulips. With customized faces, pips and an old Dutch font for the numbers. These decks are a true asset to your collection!

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  • Elegant playing cards, inspired by the ancient well known Paisley pattern. A necessary for your collection! Designed with magicians in mind as well. A two ways, marking system for suits and value has been integrated into the detailed back design. 

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The Dutch Card House Company (founded in 2017) is a creative playground for a collective number of designers, cardists and magicians from Holland. They came together to make various designs for new playing cards, launched and created under different labels. 

All our decks are printed with the USPCC 

on their highest quality possible! 

Gambler's Warehouse will process every order with care. They have a well-known reputation for playing card handling and fulfillment. 

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