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The whole secret story behind the Robin Hood Playing Cards


Lady Ellen’s Preface

We have heard many tales of the legendary Robin Hood, but what if there were another story, a secret story, that showcases the famous outlaw’s ability to be subtle and mysterious? Alise’s story is not included among the 
well-known tales of Robin’s roguish trickery, and for good reason. 
There are some schemes that Robin does 
not brag about. If nothing has been heard 
of a lovely, red-haired maiden who sometimes speaks in the language of owls, it is 
certainly not by accident. 
Some things are best kept shrouded in a veil of magic and mystery, for the good of those we love. But the tale that was kept hidden for all those centuries has finally come to light in “Alise of the Ruby Locks.”


Would you like to read it all? We made a little booklet with the whole story of Alice, the court-card illustrations, along with some background information about each character. 


Mini Softcover booklet with 68 pages (size of a poker deck)

Full-color print and Gold foil on the cover 

Booklet Alise of the Ruby Locks

    US delivery time 7 business days, with tracking


    International delivery time 14-17 business days, less than 12 decks is without tracking

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